I taught school for over 40 years from grades 4-12 and everything from physical education and art to Western Civilization and Business Law.  I also coached boys’ and girls’ cross-country and track and girls’ basketball.  My teams were made up of highly motivated young men and women who wanted to learn how to get the best out of themselves while still having fun.  As the years passed, the athlete’s motivation seemed to wane, and the fun the athletes wanted had little to do with the sport.  I was also meeting regularly with parents for academic progress reporting.  I found that the more time went by, the less the parents were interested in helping their children achieve success through their own efforts.  The parents seemed to be a mix of adult (age, parents, jobs) and child (blaming everyone else for any failing on their child’s part, lack of responsibility for their child’s or their own actions, more concerned with vacations than with their child’s education.  Call each of them a “kidult.”

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