Let it snow

View from Knowlton front door
Different storm, yet a reminder


“He directs the snow to fall on the earth (Job 37:6)

The year was 1978.  On January 21st, while forecasters were predicting rain, New England was hit with 21 inches of snow.  Power lines fell and roofs caved in at many locations.  So much for the accuracy of weather prediction at that time.  So when those same forecasters began to predict a big storm for February 6th, nobody paid much attention.  When a light snow began around 10:00, it simply created a peaceful covering of white.  Then the snow got heavier–up to 2″ per hour.  Schools and workers began to plan on going home early.  By the time the storm ended 36 hours later, it had left nearly 40″ of snow with power and phone lines down and roads impassable.  Many people were without heat.  People were stranded on highways.  Snow drifts covered people’s, front doors.  Traffic was limited to emergency vehicles as Gov. Mike Dukakis declared a state of emergency.  The disastrous storm left tragedy and destruction in its wake.  Yet, there were also stories of heroism and community assistance.  I can remember shoveling my was out my front door and looking down my street and seeing nothing but rounded mounds of white.  The only communication we had was by using the radio in our car.  My wife and I shoveled our way next door to my parents’ home to check on them.  They had a kerosene stove to stay warm, so they were alright.  Once the roads became passable, we went and checked on my wife’s mother.  She had no heat, so we took her to my wife’s sister’s home.  They had a wood stove, so we were in good shape until the storm ended.  It took days for the power to come back on and for all the roads to be cleared, but, by the grace of God, all those we held dear to our hearts were safe.  And New England had a story for the ages to share with the generations to come.

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