Work up a sweat.

Andy working hard…

I just recently read a FB message from a former runner who noted, after running 4.5 miles with the temperature at 78° and the humidity at 85%, that he was so drenched with sweat that he felt he could have wrung out his t-shirt.  He asked if anyone else still running noticed that they were beginning to look more like me when I used to run.  (Thanks for that, Andy.)  But it’s true.  I really could wring out my shirt after a run.  In fact, when my nephew and I used to do distance runs together,  it would be a point of pride that there wouldn’t be a single dry spot on our shirts.  It would be a sign of slacking off if there were those 2 little dry triangles at the bottom of each side of our shirts.  When I played basketball, no one wanted to get “slimed” by me when we were fighting for a rebound.  But no one ever questioned my work ethic.  I may not have been as talented as other athletes, but I always tried to be the best that I could be.  No matter what we do, it requires hard work to be successful.  As athletes, success doesn’t come without hard work.  In high school or college, if you don’t work hard, you don’t succeed.  If you’re not willing to work at it continually, your family life will fail.  If we don’t work hard at our jobs, we don’t get promoted or might even get fired.  Ultimately,  we literally eat and drink by the “sweat of our brow.” So, no matter what you do, be willing to roll up your sleeves and don’t be afraid of a little sweat.  Life was never meant to be easy.  So, do the best you can do in every part of your life and success may just be around the corner.

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