Blue-haired ladies

Faithful Men Steppin' Out     Faithful Men 2.2

“Sing unto the Lord a new song.” (Isaiah 42:10

Back in the mid 1990’s, a group of young men at our church decided to get together as a group to sing.  Contemporary Christian music was beginning to come into its own and we wanted to make our mark on the local musical scene.  Our numbers at any time went from a double quartet plus one to a single quartet. Our repertoire ranged from a cappella to Southern Gospel, and from traditional hymns to contemporary music.  We didn’t want to show off or become famous; we just wanted to sing.  So we sang at churches, at community activities, at nursing homes, at housing for the elderly and at coffee shops.  We ended up with a repertoire of well over 100 songs.  And, as luck would have it, we even had the opportunity to open several concerts for some of the big names in the Contemporary Christian music scene.  We eventually became successful enough to record our own CD’s–one in 1999 and a second in 2004.  We sang together for 15 years before age, jobs, families and family relocations ended our run as a singing group.  In all of our travels and concerts, we had a faithful following of family, friends and church people.  But of those who followed us, the ones we had the most fun with were our little old lady “groupies.”  No matter where we went, at least some of them were sure to follow.  Some helped prepare little snacks for our breaks and others even invited us into their homes.  They were some of our favorites; the little, old, blue-haired ladies.





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