Who in the world is Benaiah

The Bible is filled with people who are only mentioned briefly.  Yet their deeds are awe-inspiring.  Benaiah is one such man.  So who in the world is Benaiah?  He was the son of Jehoiada, a valiant warrior from Kabzeel. He did many heroic deeds, which included killing two champions of Moab. Another time, on a snowy day, he chased a lion down into a pit and killed it. (I Chronicles 11:22)

Who in world is Benaiah?
Who in the world is Benaiah?

This is one of the most obscure yet courageous acts ever recorded in Scripture.  Yet, who is the world is Benaiah?  His father was Jehoida, a leader among the priests, who rallied 3,700 men to support David when he was crowned at Hebron.  His grandfather was a “valiant warrior” and they came from Kabzeel, a town of Judah situated along the borders of Edom in the extreme south. (Joshua 15:21)

I mean what kind of man chases a lion into a pit on a snowy day to fight it to the death?  And those two men from Moab, are described in the KJV as lion-like men–definitely no pushovers.  Another time he fought with an Egyptian, and while the Egyptian might not have been the equal of the giant Goliath, his height was still five cubits, which figures out to be about seven feet tall.  Plus the Egyptian had a huge spear.  so Benaiah took it away from him and killed him with it.

So who in the world is Benaiah?  He was the man David later chose to be the Captain of his bodyguard.  He was renowned among “the thirty” of David’s mighty men, and was with David as he went on the run during Absalom’s rebellion.  But David lived.  Benaiah did his job well.  Suffice to say, he became one of King David’s right-hand men.  And he was also there when Adonijah tried to usurp the throne from Solomon.  He then served as commander-in-chief under Solomon.

So who in the world is Benaiah?  He was a man like you or me who found himself in dangerous situations.  but it’s worth noting that he didn’t just meet the situation.  He didn’t play it safe and leave, hoping the lion wouldn’t see him. He didn’t wait to see what the lion was going to do.  He didn’t worry about falling into the pit because of the snowy ground.  He chased the lion into the pit and killed it.  And that’s what made him the kind of man King David and King Solomon wanted to help defend the kingdom.  A simple man who stepped out of his simple life and to become a key figure in the lives of his kings and nation.

How about you? Have you chased any lions lately?  For some reason, God likes to get us out of our comfort zone by “chasing lions” and/or jumping into pits.  That’s when we begin to rely on Him because we have no one else to look to and nowhere else to go.  And when we do, he turns us into mighty warriors able to defeat lions, giants, and armies.  So be on the lookout for roaming lions.  Remember that the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. (I Peter 5:8)  And his final resting place will be a bottomless pit in a lake of fire.  I think I’d rather chase lions into a pit on a snowy day.

3 thoughts on “Who in the world is Benaiah

  1. I like the thought that God’s men are men who just simply do what needs to be done…no fanfare…no special conditions. They just step in by faith often against their feelings and the advice of others and do the work regardless of the consequences or outcomes.


  2. This a great word, Ken we need to be strong and courageous in the days to come! You know, Ken, Pastor has been asking us are you going to believe for greater things this year but I think we also have to ask are we willing to fight for those greater things as well? We have to be ready in Christ and if we’re not then the enemy is all to willing to steal those greater things from us!


  3. Wow I never nknew about this man’s life. He was very remarkable.
    Thanks I’m on the look out for that roaring one in my life.


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