The Butterfly Effect

I am neither a physicist nor a mathematician, but from what I have read about the “butterfly effect” is that it has to do with a seemingly inconsequential event or incident having momentous consequences. The “ripple effect” is similar in that it states that a single incident or occurrence may have consequences and ramifications beyond the scope of the original phenomenon. Apparently, these two concepts are part of “chaos theory.”

Butterfly Effect

When God created the universe and everything in it, He created from nothing. There was no chaos before, during or immediately after this creative act. Yet, we now live in chaotic times–times of confusion and disorder. What caused this chaos? It was something that we would now consider insignificant. A woman was conned into sampling some forbidden fruit, which she then shared with her spouse. The result? Generations of mankind were separated from God. Instead of tending a garden that provided all he would ever need and sharing the world in harmony with every living thing, now man would be brought into the world with pain and agony, and then have to struggle to survive in a world that would groan and quake under his feet. Somehow I don’t think that Adam and Eve understood the ramifications of that one piece of fruit when they decided to ignore the one rule God made for their lives.

Abraham, who is revered by Judaism, Christianity and the Muslim world, had two sons, Ishmael the son of Sarah’s handmaiden and Isaac, the son promised by God. His grandsons were Jacob and Esau. When Jacob connived to get Esau’s birthright and later his father’s final blessing, the stage was set for the enmity between the God’s chosen people and the rest of the Middle East. Little did Sarah know that offering her handmaiden in her effort to have a son would create a constant war that still goes on today.

Why do events like these end up having such a profound effect generations later. It’s because God has everything under control. And I mean everything! Indeed the very hairs on your head are numbered. (Luke 12:7) So when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and when Abraham and Sarah tried to accomplish God’s plan in their own way, God was still able to accomplish His plan to provide a way for man to eventually be able to see Him face to face. So, no matter what evil thing we fall into, God can and will turn it to good to preserve many people alive. (Genesis 50:20) So when we fall into sin ourselves or we suffer some painful calamity, remember that God has everything under His control….and He gave the authority for that control to His son, Jesus, that He would remain supreme over all things. So give the sin in your life and the problems of this word to Jesus who has been given authority by His Father to save you and to provide you with a way to help you through those circumstances.


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