The Back Side of Nowhere

Last week was my 100th blog entry.  It certainly doesn’t seem that long.  Nest week my wife and I will be celebrating our 43rd anniversary.  That time seems even shorter.  Yet there have been tough times along the way.  Each of us has faced times when Jesus seemed far away and our prayers seemed to be bouncing off the covering of heaven.  I think we all have had that experience at one time or another.  Our solution?  Find a quiet time and place to pray our way through it and then begin to do something to help others.

When Jesus had some of His most difficult times of trial,  He often left everyone and went someplace alone.  Whether it was to a mountain or to a garden, He needed to get to be alone to communicate with His Father

When Abraham was told by God to sacrifice Isaac, he took him up onto a mountain.  There God met him and by His mercy and grace provided another sacrifice.

Moses saw the burning bush when he was out by himself, looking for straying sheep. And later, he went up onto a mountain alone and received the commandments from God’s own hand.

The Hebrews had to wander in the  for forty years until they heard and obeyed what God had commanded.

Think of Jonah.  Talk about being alone in a unique place…yet there in the belly of a great fish, God met him.

There’s nothing magical about being somewhere alone with God, but what it does is to take away all distractions and, if we’re willing, to forget them for a time, the issues and worries of life.

While this blog is shorter than usual, the message is still true.  If you are having a hard time getting through to God, get alone with Him somewhere and lay your troubles at His feet.  To help you leave them there, forget worrying about yourself and begin to pray for others.  Then give feet to your prayers by doing something for them.

If you’re serious about it, God will take away that imagined barrier you feel is blocking your prayers.  So go where you need to go to be alone with God.  And pray through the dry time knowing that He promised that you can always hears us and always answers.

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