Under the Covers

I have always been an avid reader–Christian, mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, westerns–even love stories.  If I go to the doctor, I bring my current book.  If I go shopping I bring whatever I am reading.  When I exercise, I read.  When I was younger,  my bedroom was located in central area with my sisters’ and parents’ bedroom and the bathroom off of it. I used to keep a flashlight next to my bed so that I could read well into the night.

Why was I under the covers?  So I wouldn’t get caught.  My parents were more concerned about me getting enough sleep.  When I did get caught, what gave me away?  The light.  When you call for your teenage kids to get up in the morning and switch on their light, where do they hide?  Under the covers and away from the light.

There was a time when Adam and Eve were at home in God’s light.  They were comfortable in His presence.  When they sinned, they tried to hide from the light.  Moses came down from Mt. Sinai after speaking with God and his face shone.  But the Israelites couldn’t stand the light and he had cover his face with a veil.  Saul was blinded by the light of Jesus’ presence on his way to Damascus.  Isaiah and Ezekiel were also overwhelmed by the glory of God.  At the Temple, Jesus said, I am the light of the world.  If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in the darkness, because your will have the light that leads to life. (John 8:12)

God chose to reveal the brightness of His glory through Jesus Christ, but most who saw it were overwhelmed and, like children under the blankets, tried to hide themselves or tried to eliminate the light.  When Jesus was hanging on the cross, God caused a darkness that lasted for 3 hours.  He would not allow even natural light to shine over this event caused by men choosing darkness.

But darkness didn’t reign forever.  On the third day, Christ rose again and ascended to heaven.  Only through faith in Him, can we (who have become used to darkness) be made ready for entrance into the light of God’s presence.  As Paul said to the Ephesians, Once your were full of darkness, but now you have the light from the Lord.  Live and rejoice in that light.

4 thoughts on “Under the Covers

  1. Thank you, Ken, for your blog keeps me coming back for more and more inspiring devotions. I choose to live and rejoice in the light of the world!


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