Getting Started

Why, oh why, did I ever agree to create a website?  While I thought I was fairly computer literate, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I can do all kinds of word processing, spreadsheets, graphs, powerpoints and can research more than adequately.  But websites have been a whole different ballgame.  I end up doing the same thing  three or four times because I either do it wrong or forget to save it when I do it right.  But, you know what?  I’m actually enjoying it.  The whole process of learning new things is envigorating.  And, while I’m sure there is a multitude of people (the majority of whom would probably be young enough to be my grandchildren) who could do a better job than I can, the whole project is not coming out too badly.

So why do we need a CCADA website?  The people in our group have a strong feeling that artistic expression is art by design–intelligent design.  God has given us imaginations and talents  and it’s up to us to express what we see and feel to others in the best way we can through art, music, poetry, and narratives.  And it’s not our job to judge how “good” an art piece is because that piece is a part of someone’s life–a part that they have been willing to share.  For some, it’s the only way that they can express their emotions.  In our current economic times, many schools and communities are being forced to curtail and even eliminate the arts from their school systems.  Hopefully, groups like us can encourage and assist those who still have an interest and a drive to express things uniquely.

Follow along with us as we begin to display the work of various local artists and to express how God is leading.

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